Letter to our military families and to those who have experienced trauma

Most people have never heard of what an energy healing is: does it really work, or is it just another New Age woo-woo idea?  Many ask “Do I need to believe in this stuff for it to work on me?”  The answer is no.

We all know about energy, but rarely do we see it.  We plug a lamp into a socket (electrical field) to obtain light to read by, but do we see electricity?  No, but we see the effects of it.  The same goes for radio and TV frequencies- we see the end result, but not the juice.  We harness energy for many reasons: medical instruments to aid in surgery, bullets and bombs for wartime use, music for peace and enjoyment.  All life consists of energy and the energy field that surrounds the physical body, although not seen,  is real.  It is there.  Many of you have experienced the effects that a blast has had on your brain and body; again, you may not have seen the actual energy, but you do feel the effects of it.  It is real and it is there.

Do you remember when you were a child and your parent spanked you?  Then possibly apologized profusely?  You might have forgiven them and thought that was that and you handled the pain and shock intellectually.  But your body remembers differently.  The anger, frustration, possibly sleep deprived nights that made it easier for your parents to lose their control transmitted these emotions from their hands to the part of your body they hit, leaving your body with the energy of the fear, anger and frustration they were feeling into your bodys cells.  Or do you remember being screamed at by another, or being shocked by a sight, sound or smell that left you frozen and speechless,  leaving you breathless and possibly dizzy?  Where did that experience of shock and fear go in your body?  Was it your heart?  Your stomach?  Your mind?  We all have habitual places where we store our fear, and our bodies will remember it until it takes over our lives and they become unmanageable.  Talk therapy is a wonderful tool, but in order for complete healing to take place the bodys needs must also be attended to; there is so much more to our physical body than just our mind/head/brain. Working with the client, the healer helps excavate these pockets of fear and pain and helps release or integrate them, creating space for more joy, more light, more bliss to be inhabited within the body.

Whether it be a war experience or not, whether you are military or a civilian, trauma imprints itself in the body (please see books and DVD on trauma under recommendations section of this website).  The energy healers task is to hold the safe space for the other to support their walk through the trauma in whatever way the body and psyche feels called to do (you do not need to relive the trauma), and assist in releasing and integrating the pain, shock, terror, or whatever the client is experiencing through and out of their body.  Scary?  You bet it is.  But the rewards and the gift of reclaiming your life from that which you fear the most is liberating and literally gives your life back to you.

The rough part of this for most people?  We cannot do this alone.  By the time most reach the state where life has become this unmanageable, they have probably isolated themselves from others.  Please ask for help.  You are so worthy of having everything in life you long for most.  Peace of mind, knowing you are safe, knowing you can love and are loveable.  Knowing you can be part of this world and function in it with greater ease.

What does the energy healer do and how does she do it?  :

Surrounding and interpenetrating our physical body is a multi-layered field of energy consisting of structured and fluid levels, each level having a specific “job” to do, which relates with the physical structures of organs, bones, muscles, tissues, blood, as well as emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and our spiritual connections.  By working directly and specifically with these levels and chakras (energy centers within the body), day-to-day functioning can be affected and improved.

Because energy and consciousness are not separate, feelings and memories can be worked with through the energy field, making this is an important and hope-filled aspect for those of you with PTSD and TBI to consider.  Cuts, burns, surgeries, broken and amputated bones, loss of organs and body parts, and all types of injuries and traumas to the physical and emotional bodies can be stabilized, cleared, repaired, balanced and calmed.

A lot is spoken of the mind/body connection and healing, but there is one aspect that is missing here and it is that of Spirit.  People often come for help with emotional and spiritual distress.  The same healing process is used to help clear, ground, charge or calm the energy field and assist in gently releasing trauma and distress and restoring balance, thus allowing the natural healing abilities of your own system to strengthen and heal.

This does not happen overnight.  It has probably taken many weeks or months or years to get you to the point where you have been discharged from the hospital; if you are one of the lucky ones, energy healing will have started while you were an in-patient.  Energy healing is a cumulative process; the more you receive, the more healing will occur.  This is not a race to the finish line, tho, as much as wed like it to be.  Healing, on all levels,  takes time.

How do I work with my clients?  The first 2-3 appointments will take approximately 90 minutes, thereafter appointments will take 1 hour.  When you arrive in the office I will ask you where you are experiencing un-ease in your life (this can be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental) and what you would like to accomplish from your appointment.  The rest of the hour will be spent with you lying on a treatment table while I work with both of my hands directly on your fully-clothed body (if you are uncomfortable with the laying of hands on your body, this can be done off-body also.)  I will place my hands on your feet, ankles, knees, thighs, hips, lower and upper abdomen, heart, throat, the sides of your head, and any specific area of your body that requires work, and will work with and modulate your energy field.  If at any time you are uncomfortable, please tell me and I will adjust your treatment to your needs.  Most people feel nothing while the healing takes place.  Some people fall asleep, and others may  feel the effects in the changed energy field in the forms twitching or emotional release.  If you are unable to come to my office or live a great distance away, long distance healings can be given and are just as effective (if not more) as those given in person.  I serve clients world-wide.

It has been my experience that no soldier, anyone who loves him or her, or their families goes unscathed from the effects of war.  Like the energy we take for granted in our daily lives, the amount of stress, chaos, and terrifying experiences lived in which becomes “the norm” within the military system boggles and astounds the civilian mind; we cannot even begin to imagine living under these stressors for months, let alone years or a lifetime.  So even finding awareness of something that is so taken for granted as being normal within the military way of living that causes one unconscious pain needs to be appreciated and explored in a gentle and safe environment in order to obtain relief and release.  Energy healing IS a different way of healing and it is a great adjunct to traditional and other complementary forms of medicine and healing.

Please note that all people coming off of the treatment table will be in an altered state of consciousness post healing, whether they are aware of it or not.  Those who have a diagnosis of PTSD and TBI will need to have someone drive them home from the first 3 or 4 appointments to ascertain the safety of them driving after a healing on their own.  Unfortunately, I do not have a waiting room, but there are restaurants and stores within a 5 minute drive from my office to pass the time in.

Lastly, the silent and unrecognized wounded are the military families and military and civilian caregivers; they are also our unsung heroes.  Their needs are great and deserve to be recognized and treated as well.

I look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your journey to health and aliveness.

With deep appreciation for your service,